Heavenly Father,
We thank you for gathering us together
and calling us to serve as your disciples.
You have charged us through Your Son, Jesus,
with the great misson of evangelizing
and witnessing your love to the world.
Send your Holy Spirit to guide us
as we discern Your will
for the spiritual renewal of our parish.
Give us strength, courage, and clear vision
as we use our gifts to serve You.
We entrust our parish family
to the care of Mary, our mother,
and ask for her intercession and guidance
as we strive to bear witness to the Gospel 
and build an amazing parish.


It is the Passover of the Lord!  


As we approach the beginning of Holy Week and the celebration of Palm Sunday, we are even more mindful that there is no public Mass, there is no procession, there will be no palms this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, out of concern for spreading disease through the very tangible sacramental of blessed palms, the Holy See has instructed all priests throughout the world not to bless palms this weekend. No palms on Palm Sunday. So what do we do with that?


Like the Israelites in Egypt before the Exodus, we will mark our doorposts! On the morning of Sunday, April 5th, all parishioners are encouraged to place a branch on the door of their houses or on the window. It could be any green branch you can get. This would help, despite the social distancing, to be connected as we enter into the Holiest of Weeks.


We may be physically separated, but not isolated. We are united as the members of the body of Christ. It is the Passover of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest!

Please participate with Mass online on our Domestic Church page. Our website is streaming the Palm Sunday service and providing the readings and song so you can participate.

Palm Sunday Mass

Following the Ohio governor’s statement, increased concern over the coronavirus worldwide, including confirmed cases in Ohio, Archbishop Schnurr has issued strict guidelines.  

Here at Holy Trinity through the end of March we are instructed as follows:

1.    Practice good hygiene.  

2.    Do not hold hands during the Our Father.

3.    The Sign of Peace will be omitted.

4.    The chalice will not be distributed.

5.    Communion will not be distributed on the tongue.

6.    All Catholics in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are  dispensed from their obligation to attend Sunday Mass until Palm Sunday, April 5th.

7.    As is always the case, if you are sick or experiencing serious symptoms of sickness then you are not obliged to attend Mass.  It is an act of charity, in fact, to stay home and not spread the sickness.

All scheduled Masses are still happening.


Tras la declaración del gobernador de Ohio, la creciente preocupación por el coronavirus en todo el mundo, incluidos los casos confirmados en Ohio, el Arzobispo Schnurr ha emitido guias estrictas.

Aquí en Holy Trinity hasta finales de Marzo se nos instruye de la siguiente manera:

1.    Practique buena higiene.  

2.    No se tomen de la mano durante el Padre Nuestro.

3.    El signo de paz será omitido.

4.    El cáliz no se distribuirá.

5.    La Comunión no se distribuirá en la lengua.

6. Todos los Católicos en la Arquidiócesis de Cincinnati están exentos de su obligación de asistir a la Misa Dominical hasta el Domingo de Ramos, el 5 de Abril.

Como siempre es el caso, si está enfermo o experimenta síntomas graves de enfermedad, entonces no está obligado a asistir a Misa. De hecho, es un acto de caridad quedarse en casa y no propagar la enfermedad.