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Due to a record number of pending retirements, we will face as soon as 2022, a new situation: not enough priests eligible to assign as pastors.  Therefore, the Archbishop has contracted two consulting firms to guide us along a path forward as parishes engage in a new pastoral planning initiative: Beacons of Light.

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 We've made great strides with our weekly offering here at Holy Trinity the last few weeks.  We need to make sure we continue to try to keep our collection around $8,000 each week.  During this trying time with the Corona virus, please remember you can still mail your weekly offering to the Parish Office, drop off to the Parish Office (there is a mail slot at the Drex Avenue Parish Door), or sign up to give through Electronic Giving.  If you need help signing up with Electronic Giving, call the Parish Office.  THANK YOU to those who have stepped up and given more than their normal weekly offering to help keep the collection up during this time with so few attending Mass.  We still need everyone's continued help to keep the parish viable.  If the parish can sustain an average of $8,000 a week, anything over that will go towards having a savings to take care of anything that might come up in the parish outside of regular operating costs.  Once again, thank you to all who continue to support Holy Trinity Parish.



The Parish Office is open again Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Masses have resumed at the following times; Sunday at 9:00 AM, Monday and Thursday at 7:45AM. Confession is by appointment only.  Please call the Parish Office.  ALL Masses will be celebrated in Church until further notice.  Thank you to all who continue to support Holy Trinity Parish!!!



We are excited to announce that Holy Trinity, through the Archdiocese, is partnering with GiveCentral to bring you #GIVECatholicAOC on Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020. Last year through this unique, one-day opportunity the parish was able to raise more than enough funds to elevate the choir along with the organ into the loft, accessing the amazing acoustics ingrained in the architecture of our beautiful church building. This year, the Holy Trinity Giving Tuesday goal is renovating the church restroom to make it more accessible and family friendly. This might include help for those with disabilities and a baby changing station. Looking forward to another outpouring of generosity as we continue to make Holy Trinity an amazing parish!

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