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 We've made great strides with our weekly offering here at Holy Trinity the last few weeks.  We need to make sure we continue to try to keep our collection around $8,000 each week.  During this trying time with the Corona virus, please remember you can still mail your weekly offering to the Parish Office, drop off to the Parish Office (there is a mail slot at the Drex Avenue Parish Door), or sign up to give through Electronic Giving.  If you need help signing up with Electronic Giving, call the Parish Office.  THANK YOU to those who have stepped up and given more than their normal weekly offering to help keep the collection up during this time with so few attending Mass.  We still need everyone's continued help to keep the parish viable.  If the parish can sustain an average of $8,000 a week, anything over that will go towards having a savings to take care of anything that might come up in the parish outside of regular operating costs.  Once again, thank you to all who continue to support Holy Trinity Parish.



Festival is cancelled

In cooperation with the State of Ohio and following the guidelines of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati around large public gatherings, in consultation with the chairs and festival committee members, Holy Trinity is cancelling its annual parish festival this summer. This will be a lean year for the parish budget, making sustained giving and parish growth a high priority. However, thanks to the generosity of many giving sacrificially during this time along with further reduction in expenses, the parish is able to move forward without the festival income for the time being. We can look forward to getting together a little later in the summer at the parish picnic in August.


Temporary changes to the parish schedule

Due to ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 and continuing concern for safety, the following temporary changes are being made to the parish schedule.


There will be no Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on First Friday, June 5.


Father Eric will be hearing confessions on Friday, June 5 in the Day Chapel from 8:30-10:30am. Please enter and exit the Day Chapel through the outer door to the parking lot, do not go through the sacristy. 


There will be no morning Mass or communal praying of the Rosary on First Saturday, June 6. Saturday Mass at 4:30pm will still be offered.


First Friday and First Saturday in the month of July are July 3rd & 4th. There will be no Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament or communal Rosary that weekend, either.


Monthly devotions will resume in August, First Friday (August 7) and First Saturday (August 1). There will be an additional Mass at 7:45am followed by communal Rosary on Saturday, August 15th for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary even though it is not obligatory this year.


Parish Savings on the Rise

So far this month our collections have exceeded the goal.  We will end the month of May with a bit in savings.  This will be helpful as the final payment for teacher contracts from St. Nicholas  Academy finally comes due (the SNA accountant has been awaiting a reimbursement from the State of Ohio).  Also, we will be able to begin paying down the principal on parish debt to the Archdiocese.  Smart steps and personal sacrificial giving have our community on the path to sustainability! 


The Parish Office is open again Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Masses have resumed at normal times; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 7:45AM, Saturday at 4:30PM and Sunday at 10:00AM. Confession is by appointment only.  Please call the Parish Office.  ALL Masses will be celebrated in Church until further notice.  Thank you to all who continue to support Holy Trinity Parish!!!