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 We've made great strides with our weekly offering here at Holy Trinity the last few weeks.  We need to make sure we continue to try to keep our collection around $8,000 each week.  During this trying time with the Corona virus, please remember you can still mail your weekly offering to the Parish Office, drop off to the Parish Office (there is a mail slot at the Drex Avenue Parish Door), or sign up to give through Electronic Giving.  If you need help signing up with Electronic Giving, call the Parish Office.  THANK YOU to those who have stepped up and given more than their normal weekly offering to help keep the collection up during this time with so few attending Mass.  We still need everyone's continued help to keep the parish viable.  If the parish can sustain an average of $8,000 a week, anything over that will go towards having a savings to take care of anything that might come up in the parish outside of regular operating costs.  Once again, thank you to all who continue to support Holy Trinity Parish.



As we move through the early weeks of the activation of the Holy Trinity-Nativity pastoral region, it is a good time to take stock of what we have accomplished together here in the last year. Through increasing transparency and communication about the parish finances, we had the opportunity to hear hard news, make tough decisions, and rise to meet challenges. Offertory increased during the COVID shutdown and remains at a level to meet current expenses. Through this effort money was also on hand to make the final payment owed on St. Nicholas Academy last week, closing that chapter in our parish story. Not only did we make our offertory goal again this past week, and complete our obligation for SNA, but the bills are caught up and we have taken the first steps to a 15-year plan to pay off the parish debt to the Archdiocese after negotiating a lower interest rate. These are all things to be very proud of as a parish community, not only greater financial sustainability, but being able to have hard conversations and work together in tough times. It is a testament to the resiliency and tenacity of growing disciples of Jesus in Norwood.


The Parish Office is open again Monday thru Thursday 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  Masses have resumed at normal times; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 7:45AM, Saturday at 4:30PM and Sunday at 10:00AM. Confession is by appointment only.  Please call the Parish Office.  ALL Masses will be celebrated in Church until further notice.  Thank you to all who continue to support Holy Trinity Parish!!!

Due to COVID 19 and Fr. Eric being on vacation, Exposition of the Bless Sacrament, which was scheduled for Saturday, August 1 and Friday, August 7 has been canceled.