Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        Who can use the Trinity Hall and how much is the usage fee?

A:        Parishioners and Non-Profit organizations can use the Trinity Hall.  The usage fee is $100.00.  If it’s not a Holy Trinity organization, proof of insurance has to be shown before the hall can be used.  If the person/s requesting the Trinity Hall does not have insurance they can obtain it through the Archdiocese Insurance Co.  The person/s requesting the hall must also provide their own food and beverages.  If there is a cost for the event and beer is being served, a liquor license must be obtained and is the responsibility of the user.  They must provide a copy prior to the event to the Parish Office and also display the original at the event.  The Trinity Hall is scheduled by calling the Parish Office at 513-366-4400.

 Q:        Who do I contact for financial assistance or food?

A:        Contact St. Vincent de Paul at 513-832-7919 and ask for extension 113.  Zion Food Pantry is open every Tuesday and the third Saturday from 10AM to 11:30AM.

Q:        What are the Parish Office hours?

A:        The Parish Office is open Monday through Thursday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM.  On Friday, the office opens at 8:30 AM, but usually closes around 2:00 PM.

Q:        How do I register for the parish?

A:        To become a registered parishioner you can print off a registration form from this website.  Go to home page, under RESOURCES go to flyers&downloadable documents and choose registration form.  Fill out the form COMPLETELY and drop in the collection basket at Mass or drop off or mail to the Parish Office.  Registration forms are also available in the main vestibule of church.

Q:        How do I request a Mass Intention?

A:        Either call, email or stop by the Parish Office.  Give the secretary the name of the person for the Mass intention.  If there is a specific date the secretary will have to check to see if that date is available.  If so, they will write your Mass in right away.  If the date is not available you can work out another date with the secretary.  If there is not a specific date you are requesting, the Mass will be put on a list and assigned a day as it becomes available.  The suggested donation for a Mass intention is $5.00.

Q:        How do I have weekly altar flowers donated in honor/memory of someone?

A:        You must go to the florist and order flowers yourself.  Contact the Parish Office and let them know you are having flowers delivered and if you would like it put into the bulletin that the flowers for that weekend are in honor/memory of someone.  The deadline for getting it in the bulletin is the Monday prior to the weekend by noon.

Q:        How do I get an article into the bulletin?

A:        If there is something you would like to include in the bulletin it MUST be given to the Parish Office by Monday at noon.  You can either drop your announcement into the collection basket, email it to or call the Parish Office at 513-366-4400.    Please include your name and phone number in case there is a question.

Q:        What is the Archdiocesan Child Protection Policy?

A:        Go to the website  On the first page click on the icon Protecting our Children.

Q:         I have small children, do you have a cryroom?

A:         Fr. Ray and Holy Trinity prefer not to have a cryroom. The parishioners of Holy Trinity WANT your little ones as part of the congregation and understand the occasional restlessness. Fr. Ray encourages young families to sit close to the front where children can see the altar.