Staff                                                                                       Email             Phone # and Extension


Fr.  Patrick Sloneker (Pastor)                           

Fr. Dave Lemkuhl  (Parochial Vicar)            

Fr. Jerry Gardner   (Parochial Vicar)                                   

Pastoral Staff

Judy Elmore, Bookkeeper                                       513-366-4400     Ext 105

Sandy Schleibaum, Manager of Administration           SSchleibaum@AOL.Com                513-366-4400    Ext 102

Matt Jackson, Director of Administration     

Ginny Lubanski, Manager of Communications


Meg Anderson,  Project Manager                  


Religious Education Program                                 513-366-4400     Ext 100

EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS                                                                                            937-638-8058

Pastoral Associates

Deacon William Staun                                            513-366-4400     Ext 103

Music Ministry

Mrs. Alice Barnes, Music Director                                         513-631-0390    

Mr. Steve Barnes, Organist                                                   513-631-0390    

Parish Pastoral Council

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                                   EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS

Janet Bohne`                                     Ted Reilly                                             Father Patrick Sloneker, Pastor

Barb Moscoe                                     Carla Herre                                           William Staun, Deacon

Sr. Eileen Connolly                                                                             



Finance Council

COUNCIL MEMBERS                                                                       EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS

Jane Grote, Chairperson                 Brian Perry                                 Father Patrick Sloneker, Pastor

Lyndsay Donaldson                                                                            William Staun, Deacon