Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     Who can get married at Holy Trinity Church?

A:      To celebrate a wedding at Holy Trinity Church, either the bride or groom must be Catholic and both free to marry. The bride or groom or the family of one of them must be registered and active parishioners. The bride or groom must contact the Parish Office at least nine months before the proposed wedding date to reserve the church. A meeting with Fr. Pat or  the parish Deacons must be held before the date can be considered set. A Mass can be held with the wedding ceremony if both parties are baptized Catholics. Otherwise, a service without a Mass will be the setting for the wedding.

Non-parishioners can use the church for their wedding by making arrangements through the Parish Office. Parishioners are given priority as to the date for a wedding. The bride and groom must make their own arrangements for obtaining a priest or deacon to do the wedding preparation and to preside at the ceremony.

Q:     When can a wedding be celebrated?

A:      No weddings can be scheduled during Advent or Lent except with permission from Fr. Pat. Although most weddings take place on Saturday, weddings can also be scheduled for Friday evenings or other weekdays. Rehearsals for the weddings are usually held the night before at 6:00 PM.

Q:     Can another priest or minister of another denomination be involved in the wedding?

A:      Accommodations are always made for the involvement of ministers of another Christian denomination (or even of another faith).  This should be discussed with Fr. Pat or the parish Deacons at the initial meeting.

Q:     What preparation is necessary for a wedding?

A:      A initial meeting with Fr. Pat or the deacon, the engaged couple will be given a packet of materials. A time will be set for both parties to answer written questions through an evaluation tool known as FOCCUS. The results of FOCCUS will be shared and discussed with the couple during several meetings. In addition to those meetings, a questionnaire used in every parish in our archdiocese will also be discussed. Each engaged couple must also attend some formal preparation program, such as "Pre Cana" or "Engaged Encounter." To help with the planning of the wedding ceremony, the engaged couple must meet with a member of the Holy Trinity Wedding Ministry at least one month prior to the wedding date.

Q:     How is music provided for a wedding?

A:      Alice Barnes, our parish Music Director, and her husband, Steve, are usually available to provide music for weddings. The engaged couple will be given a wedding packet including a CD with the possible music selections. Guest musicians are welcome with the prior approval of Mrs. Barnes. All music for weddings must be approved by Mrs. Barnes. Show tunes and popular songs are inappropriate at a wedding, even as a prelude.

Q:     Can other musicians be used for the wedding?

A:      This should be discussed with Fr. Pat or the deacon at the initial meeting.  Other musicians, especially friends of the bride or groom, are welcome.  However, they should be familiar with liturgical music and must be in contact with Alice Barnes prior to the wedding.  Soloists are sometimes involved, but always with the agreement of Alice Barnes.  Since weddings are liturgical ceremonies, they must conform to general liturgical principles.  Thus, most of the music should be congregational.  There are possibilities for "solo pieces" either as prelude music or at some points in the ceremony

Q:     What is the Holy Trinity Wedding Ministry?

A:      The Holy Trinity Wedding Committee is a service ministry provided by parishioners. They help with the liturgical planning of the wedding, conduct the rehearsal, prepare the church before the ceremony, clean up after the ceremony, and assist the wedding couple and their families in whatever way is needed during the wedding. For more information, contact the Parish Office at 366-4400.

For more information, please see the "Marriage Guidelines," and the Wedding Policy documents on the menu under Resources.